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Screening del Naturalista Isleño

Screening of El Naturalista Isleño documentary

Special viewing of "The Island Naturalist" (El Naturalista Isleño) documentary with Eladio Fernández, the "Naturalista Isleño" himself.

A 4-episode series accompanying conservation photographer Eladio Fernández on 4 specific missions and adventures exploring the unknown side of Caribbean nature and filling us with emotion, illusion and hope about the wonders of nature and the importance of preservation work.

A journey throughout the entire island of Hispaniola in search of plants of the aristolochia genus, known for their striking flowers, with a sexy and daring appearance, sometimes resembling animals.
Accompanied by renowned actress Nashla Bogart and her husband David Mahler, the Naturalista documents the close relationship between a whale and her baby calf underwater at Banco de la Plata, a marine sanctuary and winter destination and refuge for the humpback whales of the North Atlantic.
After visiting the Ridgway's hawk conservation project by the Peregrine Fund in Los Haitises National Park and in the popular tourist area of Punta Cana to learn more about this critically endangered species and its conservation, the Island Naturalist sets off in its search to Haiti, west of the Dominican Republic, managing to find it and making the first sighting report of the bird in 100 years in Haitian territory.
At the request of the Progressio Foundation, the Naturalista leaves for Haiti again, now in search of a rare species of Haitian magnolia in danger of extinction. He finds it in a remote and small forest, photographs the plant for the first time and collects specimens to establish a nursery in which, after 8 months, 3,000 plants are already blooming, filling us with hope for the survival not only of magnolias, but of humanity, nature and the planet if we make the effort and work together for it.